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Create, manage, and customize lines of development
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Organize a revision control enter in your computer. Select individual local branches of development projects and synchronize, compare, merge, or otherwise modify according to the current service needs. Set up separate lines to work independently from each other.

GIT by github is a software program that allows users to publish their code on an online platform where it can be revised and shared by other users. This way, users receive constructive feedback and can improve their code to help them fulfill their project.

The program installment goes smoothly and once you've completed it you get contact with its basic interface. The menu is built to offer maximum functionality, so you shouldn't have expectations regarding its visuals. There are no other themes than the default one, and the design of the buttons is quite outdated.

GIT by github provides users the means to connect to their GitHub account so they can manage the code files stored in there. More, it helps users synchronize their files each time there's a new update, so you can enjoy the latest code changes.

Furthermore, you can get your code compiled and ran with the right tool only by changing the default shell of your resources. Also, the code you've modified online can easily be saved to your computer by simply "cloning" it.

To conclude, GIT by github is a powerful file synchronizer and repository manager. It's free, it doesn't use a high amount of system resources and it's easy to use.

John Saunders
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  • Saves the online modified code
  • Allows file synchronizing


  • Has only one theme
  • Has poorly stylish buttons
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